5 Minute Hair Routines for Monday Morning Madness!

Hello lovelies!

Well, it’s that time of the week again, y’know, our favourite day!

Monday is always a funny one for me because you would think that with all the time you have over the weekend to sort your life out for the following week that you might actually end up waking up on time, having done plentiful amounts of washing and ironing over the weekend.  Yeahhhh…

So I woke up this morning with about 35 minutes before I had to be out that front door… never a fun time when you’ve been out literally all weekend and haven’t even looked at the washing machine, right?

I managed to scrape out some old dress from the back and beyond of my wardrobe… problem one sorted.  On to problem two; my hair.  Oh my god, my hair.  I’m not going to lie to you, my hair is curly.  When tamed in the right way it can look nice.  When left to it’s own devices it can look like Crusty the Clown (what ya gonna do?)  Mostly, if I have the time I will straighten that bad boy until the cows come home to save everyone some trauma.  Today wasn’t that day.

So… what I wanted to just skim over today is Monday morning hair.  I will talk about two routines for when you literally have 5 minutes (or less) to sort that mess out.  Routine one will be what us curly girls can do and routine two will be what those of you with straight hair can do.  Read: the straight version can also be me if I’ve straightened it the night before and I wake up with it stuck to my head.

The reveal.  You’re standing in front of the mirror, eyes to the floor.  You know when you lift your head it’s not gonna be great but you know it’s a necessary evil.  You look up.  OH HELL NO.  It’s so far from great it’s unreal.  There’s two things you can do at this point… you can admit defeat and tie that nest up in a bun on top of your head and just wait for the frizz to appear around your forehead (so attractive), OR, you can use those 5 minutes you’ve got to man up and deal with it.  I’m gonna tell you now, I’ve admitted defeat more often than not but that’s not the way!

Routine One:

Curly Hair

What you will need:

  • Straightener
  • Hair clip (one of those big claw ones to scrape that s*** up)
  • Serum
  • Leave in conditioner

What you won’t need:

  • Brush/comb (believe me)

What to do:

Firstly you’re going to split that hair into 3.  Take two thirds of your hair up (like a half up, half down scenario) and clip it out of the way. (15 seconds)

Take your curling iron/straighteners.  I find whenever I’ve slept on my curly hair, some bits go flat, especially at the bottom.  What you want to do now is find those flat bits that make your hair look so atrocious and curl away.  (1 minute)

After you’ve curled all those bits and bobs on the bottom third, condition it up.  Take a pea-sized amount, rub it between your hands until it’s body temperature and run that through every bit of your hair. (30 seconds)

Take down another third, repeat steps above. (1  minute, 45 seconds)

Take down final third, repeat steps above. (1 minute 45 seconds)

Finally, take that serum and, if your hair is as frizzy as mine is, take maybe two pumps of that and distribute all over your hair.

If your hair isn’t looking half-decent by now, then I don’t do refunds.

Total time: 5 minutes, 15 seconds.  (Soz about the 15 seconds)

Routine Two:

Straight Hair

I would definitely see this as the lesser of two evils!  However, still evil.  The scenario at this stage is that you’ve dragged your butt out of bed, and your hair is stuck to your head in some nasty, greasy eugh way.  Maybe you should have washed it last night, but you got busy chilling so you didn’t.  (Happens to me regularly).

What you will need:

  • Brush/comb (need that this time, trust me)
  • Straightener
  • Dry shampoo

For speed purposes, you don’t need to split your hair.  What you’re going to do instead is take your brush/comb (paddle brush is honestly the best one to use) and simultaneously, using the brush and the straightener, work that down the lengths of your hair from the root to the tip, like you’re double brushing it.  To break that down for you, take the brush first and brush down the hair and literally 1-2 inches behind it, swipe the straightener down.

Keep doing this until your hair looks straight.  Read: looks straight.  Every single strand of hair doesn’t need to be poker straight.  If you are here to learn how to straighten your hair to the maximum, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Once that step is done, take that dry shampoo and, lifting 2-3 inch sections, spray it everywhere.  Like… everywhere.  You need that in your life asap.  After you’ve emptied the can, rub it in just as if you were shampooing and then brush it out.  That’s it. The end.  (Seriously though, don’t put that much dry shampoo in your hair, can get a bit expensive and you will look like a Grandma).

Total time: 5 minutes (if that)

That’s it guys.  My 2 quick morning routines for when you’ve snoozed that alarm hardcore.

P.S. Of course, before using any heated styling tools, you will protect your hair with heat defence spray or whatever blah blah 🙂


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