Strobing; latest fad or best idea ever?

Hey!  I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your weekend… well, what’s left of it!

So, strobing… what the hell is strobing?  You’ve probably all heard of this latest trend but are wondering where the hell it’s come from.  Let me tell you a secret… it’s highlighting in disguise.  Yes.  Highlighting took it’s little butt down to the Deed Poll office and changed it’s name, expecting us all not to recognise it!

The thing with strobing is, it’s a little bit different.  Please correct me if I’m wrong, but highlighting is literally taking a lighter colour foundation/concealer (shimmer may or may not be included) and using that product to highlight (literally) the high points of your face, where the light would naturally hit, to give it more dimension.  When using this technique, you probably almost always use a darker contour to accentuate the highlight à la Kim Kardashian.  All gets a bit complicated doesn’t it?

Strobing is slightly different.  Instead of using light to attract attention in certain places, strobing uses shimmer.  It makes you look amazingly alive, awake, refreshed, rejuvenated and all that other lovely stuff, but how do you achieve this without looking like a glitterbomb just exploded all over your face?

Firstly, you need to find what type of product works for you.  It could be cream, gel or powder.  Typically, if your skin is oily, I would suggest a powder and if you skin is dry, I would suggest a cream or gel based product.  Of course you are welcome to try all of them, as I’m about to suggest.

What I tend to do when I’m ‘strobing’ is to start of my make up routine by blending a strobe cream with my usual concealer.  Generally, you will use your concealer where you want to strobe, right?  Under your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, on your cupids bow, on your forehead and on your temples.  For the cream, I use this great and inexpensive product by Seventeen called Skin WOW! 3 Way Highligher – part of their Glow & Prime range.  It’s a really nice finish, barely detectable when mixed with a concealer but just adds enough ‘glow’ to know it’s there.

Once I’ve done this I move onto a powder product because who said you had to just use one?!  The product that I use I’ve actually mentioned in a previous post.  It’s by the MakeUp Academy and it’s call Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highligher.  It’s a great colour if you have fairly light to medium skin tones.  I take a small contour brush and lightly dab this product onto the top of my cheekbones (just below the outer corner of my eyes), down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow.

Something I’ve learned the hard way through trying various techniques with strobing… less is definitely more and you need to be really careful where you put this stuff because, honestly, it can be mistaken for sweat at a distance and you don’t want people thinking you’re a sweaty beast on a freezing cold day, not a great look!  So my suggestion is, you can go to town quite a lot on your cheekbones (you don’t generally sweat there), however when it comes to your cupids bow, use it sparingly and when it comes to your forehead, use it even more sparingly… if at all!  Honestly, someone has asked my why I’m sweating before when I wore it on my forehead.  If you would prefer to avoid these sorts of questions, follow my advice.  Plus you already have that strobing cream on your forehead mixed with your concealer, so it’s not like you’re totally not inviting your poor little forehead to the strobing party!

Once you’ve finished dabbing the powder on your face where you want it, take a big fluffy face brush, and blend it around the spots where you’ve applied the product so that it isn’t so ‘built up’ and continue with the rest of your face.

There you have it, the perfect, subtle strobe!

So, to summarise; 

  • Strobing is a little joker who changed it’s name from Highlighting to try to trick us all
  • Don’t strobe your forehead

No seriously, I hope you found this post useful.  I know strobing is a hot topic at the moment and I just wanted to give my take on it.  Hopefully my tips will help you to look youthful, rejuvenated and glowing and NOT like a glittery alien.


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